Some nuances in preparation for the wedding



Starting from the format, you can further make decisions on wedding planning, on the venue and design. It can be a classic elegant wedding in a beautiful estate, a family dinner in a narrow circle or a celebration abroad. The sooner you decide on the format, the sooner you understand how much time to lay on the preparation itself. After, create a wedding website .

Choose the venue and style of the ceremony

The next step is to choose the venue. By this point, you will have determined exactly the date of the wedding, the number of guests and the style. You can start searching for locations for the ceremony and wedding dinner, given:

  • Date
  • Wedding format
  • Number of seats
  • Interior Style

These are the very first selection criteria, here you can post wedding website welcome messages. Then make sure to have lunch in this restaurant and communicate with the banquet administrator. The degree of his willingness to help you and go to the meeting is no less important than a tasty kitchen.

The choice of venue can take place in parallel with the booking of wedding specialists. It is the photographer, cameraman, presenter who can tell you new interesting locations for the ceremony and dinner, which only pros know about. Place all useful contacts on the wedding website.

Select Site and Design

Then you should decide on the concept of the wedding, book the site and begin to plan the design.

It is worth making requests for the preparation of the design estimate in parallel with the selection of the site. Comfortable terms for preparing the registration are about 6 months. Of these, 1-1.5 months takes acquaintance, elaboration of proposals, sketches, sharpening to the ideal of the concept itself and knocking out for the budget. Next, the process of preparation for registration begins:

  1. The choice of site is an integral part of the beautiful design. Decorators can help with the choice and tell you what will fit your concept of wedding day;
  2. Purchase of decor - when ordering from abroad, it is worth considering the delivery time;
  3. Sewing and manufacturing of new elements;
  4. Polygraphy: silkscreen, embossing, folding. Here it is important to lay time for flower proofing, this will increase the period, but guarantees a 100% result;
  5. Color ordering takes place in 2 weeks. this ensures by 99% that the flowers will be exactly as you planned. Otherwise, floristics will be collected from what the supplier has available. This is not bad, the flowers there are always fresh, but less likely to get into the right color.

If you decide to create your site, you can always enter all the tasks and other data there. Use wedding website templates and choose the best option.